online crypto gambling laws in Australia

The Current Situation and Legal Status of Bitcoin Gambling in Australia

Australia is always in the news considering the fact of whether online crypto gambling laws in Australia make bitcoin gambling legal or not. This is a question of much deeper research if absolute answers are to be found in the respective context.

Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal in Australia currently?

There doesn’t exist a definite answer to this question as on one hand it is said that gambling companies are not allowed to connect to the Australian gamblers directly or advertise their websites, but on the other hand, it is also observed from a survey that maximum online gamblers throughout the world are present in Australia itself. This creates a lot of confusion in the minds of people about whether bitcoin or simply online gambling is legal in Australia or not.

Gambling Legal in Australia

To start from the concept of stopping the direct reach of gambling companies to the gamblers, according to what is shown through the Interactive Gambling Act, passed in the year 2001, any gambling company cannot try and contact their respective Australian gamblers directly or through the medium of advertisement. If found to be doing so by any means, then strict actions are to be taken against that company. But the truth behind this law is that this law applies with strict and absolute effect only to those gambling companies that are based in Australia. The companies that are not Australian local and have gambling licenses from other countries or places cannot target Australian gamblers but the local ones can use outside advertisement medium to target the local Australian gamblers. So, after all this explanation, the thought about the legal status of bitcoin gambling in Australia still confuses us to a great extent and supposedly will continue to do so even in the future.

From the above explanation, it undoubtedly seems that the bitcoin gambling laws of Australia are much more pretentious than strict and that is where people find their loopholes and gray points. After finding such loopholes, they directly attack them, and boom, their bitcoin gambling website reaches their desired Australian gambling customers in absolutely no time. That is why if you are the one who wants to start playing at an online casino with bitcoin in Australia, then you should always be very alert about the access of these loopholes.