William Brunner

Author and Casino Connoisseur

William Brunner was always passionate about gambling, casinos and writing. He started out as a gambler, and documented his experience in blogposts.

After noticing that he has been having a loyal group of followers and readers, he decided to combine his two passions and make a profession out of it: being an author and contributor for gaming and casinos. Since making this decision, he has been around the world several times, met many more people, and has been sharing his inside scoops to the casino community.

Christopher Ledbetter

Christopher Ledbetter is an avid casino player who spends much time traveling to casinos all over Europe and sharing his experiences. To do something different on his travels, he found a way to break from his “casino routine”: Christopher combines his travels to the casinos and goes to various different Irish pubs in order to meet the local expat community. This has proven him always to be a great way to meet interesting people and make him right away feel at home, wherever he goes.

Margaret Wall

Globe and Casino-trotter

Margaret is energetic, full of life and seizes every day all day. Growing up with a grandfather playing poker and being taught by him, she developed early on skills to identify people’s poker’s face, even outside a poker game. This skill has helped her early on in life and let her to her work in journalism. She knows, where a story is hiding and where not. She loves to travel, meeting new people and visiting casinos all over the world. Currently she is collecting stories about gamblers who – like her- travel to different places to gamble. Who knows, maybe it is you, she is interviewing next!